Tuesday, August 25, 2009

High Tech Weapons vs Old School 30-30

Recently I read a post in which a hunter was sick of hearing about automatic weapons. A thought had occurred to me that he is right. To me automatic weapons are cool but they are more for fantasy hunting (which is kind of what my blog is about). They look cool in the movies but when you come right down to it not many people use them for deer hunting. If I'm wrong on this subject I would love to know where your from and where you hunt (Don't get me wrong I also love automatic weapons and I'm just asking). Anyway in my mind a good hunter is not made by the gun a good hunter is made by how he or she is taught to hunt. I will give you 2 examples of why I think this is true.

Example 1: When I was growing up the first thing I did was take hunters safety. I learned how to carry a gun/ store it/clean it/ what I could point the gun at etc. To this day the first thing I think about before I shoot a gun is where are my counterparts are in a hunt. The second thing I think about is where are the surrounding farms ( I never in my 42 years have shot towards a house or farm). And the third thing I think about is do I have my safety off now that I am posting. I've seen a few good hunters miss deer this way.

These three things are good but they do not make me a good hunter. They make me a safe hunter yes but here is what makes me a good hunter. I know where I am at all times vs the woods and other hunters from my parties and other hunting parties in the area. This is important because I want to know where I can shoot and if a deer suddenly pops into my kill zone I don't have to hesitate to shoot at it. And if I have a 1 mile shot I plan accordingly on what gun I'm posting with (sometimes depending on where we are for posting we will swap guns on a certain drive). A 30-30 is my all time favorite but If I have the longer shot I want the 243 or 30-06 with a scope. Here the automatic super heat seeking shot gun would be great too but lets face it I actually like eating my deer and don't want it blown apart.

Example 2 (Munich). In 1972 there were some Israeli Olympians killed which was not a good idea. The book I'm thinking about was called Munich I think and it was a great story. See the thing I remember about that book was how and what guns the Israeli government gave their team to track down the Black September members. In the book If I recall they simply used a 22 caliper gun. The whole time I was reading this book I was thinking what? a 22?????? The Israeli government was training a team of assassins in this book with only 22's? Dam them....I want high power stuff. The point as I remember it from the story the guy doing the training said something to the point of this. We want this as up close and personal as possible/ we want people to know we can get you any time any where.....And he said anybody can kill anybody all you need are two things....Time.....and Money......His point was you have to plan a kill and get up close to your enemy. You don't need a high power rifle for this you just wait till your enemy slips up. He's out drinking and not paying attention and you walk up and pop.pop....he's lying on the floor.

What I'm getting at here to make a long story is a good hunter / Plans his or her hunt. You don't just show up with the wrong rifle or your really not a good hunter. On the other hand to much fire power if your not use to it will not do you any good/ You will Miss.....Im guessing the majority of hunters out there are not trained with automatic weapons. If you are then you have a hand up on the rest of us (or do you?).

Plan The Hunt......

The Black Widow

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