Friday, August 21, 2009

It Was Huge (ah really more like a goat)

Take a good look at deer in the woods on the left. Not only is it exciting to have them run by you its exciting just to watch them (they are truly beautiful). Now take a look at the little goat in the photo above. This goat is really not that much bigger than my shitzu. He's very cute but in todays example he's about the size of a deer Dan and Mousey shot one day (yes I'm being sarcastic/ the doe was legal but the first thing I thought of when I saw the deer was a goat).

So here is where we our story beigins for today. It was a dark and stormy night the night before our hunt. The wind blew our house rattled as the snow infested our siding. The morning after it was like Christmas the world was a blanket of snow. It was like 40 below (OK I'm stretching it a bit). Anyway we were going to hunt my favorite piece of woods that day. Why was it my favorite piece of woods? Because when it comes to hunting I'm really only there to see my family and not spend much energy. This woods is about a 1/2 mile from my parents house and to say the least its easy to walk through (no tag alters/ not much brush etc). Plus the big bonus is when you kill the 30 pointer you only have to walk a small distance grab a truck and then get home before noon for some chili...Did I mention the fact I really love chili?

So Geoff and I are driving the woods to the south with our dad. Funny thing about driving a woods you never know sometimes where you come out. On this day Geoff and I came out fairly close together. Before we did we heard what I thought was an automatic rifle. Of course it was Dan and Mousey on the West side shooting at a big buck? that must have come out. You know when your driving a woods and you hear gun shots its like yea....we got one....... Well Geoff and I were really full of anticipation on this one because we heard lots of excited screams and yells.

We headed west toward the posters. Now again let me say this part again because this is important to the story. Geoff and I were driving the woods south and we were suppose to have a poster there. But both our boys were on the West end. And whats more about 3/4 of a mile away from where Geoff and I came out. The point here first of all is we left a lot of open space. But as it turns out in the 3/4 mile apparently our doe looked much bigger to Dan and Mousey. As the photo above shows that's about how big the doe was.

There are a couple of points to this story. First we never came out of a woods where we thought. And when you tell a poster where he should be he may be thinking of a different area of the hunt. And finally when your hunting with us never, ever get to excited about guns going off. You really never know what your going to get until you walk up and actually see it. As it was I took the deer threw it over my shoulder and walked home for chili. That is after my brother Geoff the Dr. had to field dress the deer. We call my brother Geoff the Dr. The joke is the deer is laying there all bloody after being shot and we need the Dr. to save him. Usually the Dr.s patients never survive. Well unfortunately after many years of hunting the Dr. has not saved one patient. But that is another story.

The Black Widow


  1. Thats pretty cool man. i got lost a few times, but i havent sleep in , well i just.kool story tho, i could the massing amounts of shots. they are always this huge at first, until you get on your plate, and there is still room:)
    I think your page is looks cool but the black is hard in the eyes. and when i made the comment about wanting the barret 50, i was fukn with you, buecause i couldnt see the top last time where you mentioned its humor side. I like picture, of pretty much anything and loved yours. I got scared about ordering it cus i got police shit going on, and theyd get a bit scared too if they thought i gotta gun again, but we cool, i dont think they will bother me, hell it was a mere 1,000,0001 rounds right, you must a few more:D

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you've made a great start with yours.
    Keep writing!


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