Thursday, July 22, 2010

GOING HOME (America)

This weekend Im heading home to see my parents for the first time in 9 months. I'm actually quite happy about that and love going back to see the family and the farm. One thing I noticed since I had kids is I really look forward to each and every season with them. Each season in Wisconsin has something fun to offer. But looking back on my life now the best time of year for me has always been the Fall. I use to love Halloween and of course after that was deer hunting and football season.
The reason I love Fall now is the tree's start to turn and the chill is in the air which will soon mean the beginning of the Christmas season. Now I know what your saying how can I be talking about Christmas in July? To me once July is over August goes by like the snap of your fingers. And once that is done it's September and before you know's Christmas..
Anway I'm looking at the photo above and it is not mine. It was created by someone else but that's the cool thing about painting and photography. It does not have to be yours but all you have to do is look at it and the photo can take you back to a moment in time when you were happy. Whenever I look at a farm photo (and especially of in the Fall) I think of my parents farm and what they went through to feed and cloth us. I think how in the world did they do it? And then I think if they can do it I can do it.
There is something to be said about America in that it was built by people who worked their ass off and did not know when their next meal would come. But not only did they have to feed themselves they had to feed their kids. This Country was built by your parents and mine and no matter where they are today, take a moment and be proud of what they did for you. When I see a photo like the one above I just instantly think of how fortunate I am to have the family that I have and to live in this Country. I'm happy for the opportunities my kids will have and hopefully their kids as well.
This weekend I'm going to take a vacation. I'm going to take a load off and think about the things I love. I'm going to take some time with my family and sit back and relax on the farm. Life goes by pretty fast so sometimes it is true what they say (sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses). Remember when you were 19 and wish you were 26? Don't do that anymore it just goes so fast.
Have a great weekend everyone and I will talk with you all next week. Very soon Fall will come and with that plan something fun with your kids.
The Black Widow

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful time. Images of farms do the same thing for me - call up a time of great contentment. I really appreciate your outlook on life, very inspirational.


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