Thursday, July 15, 2010

COMMON SENCE (A Goal To Be 1000#)

I think many people in the world are like the photo above. They are a ship that is out of control and is going to crash. Recently I heard about a woman who has a goal of becoming 1000# so that she can get in the guiness book of world records. Currently I'm 6'3" and at one time I was 265# and let me tell you something that was a lot of weight to carry. Now I'm still at 228# and trying to lose more. But what happens in a persons mind where they think..."Oh yea I have to weigh more..." I have to weigh 1000# What is going on in their brain?

Apparently this lady has a website that people can "pay" to log on and watch her eat. First off I must say I will say a prayer for this lady because I personally think there is something wrong with her way of thinking. But on the other hand who would "pay" to watch someone eat? Is this world so fucking boring that there is nothing else to do than to grab your credit card/ pay/and watch somone eat? I've been around the block a little bit but I think this story in my mind about takes the cake.

I am somewhat fat person...I have nothing against fat people..And I think there are people who have health issues where they simply cannot lose weight. But I really have a problem with people who try to gain FAT on purpose as in this case. There is just simply something wrong with treating your body in this way.

This lady I heard about simply has no "Common Sense".....

The Black Widow

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  1. I have to agree with you. Anyone that would jeopardize their health for the sake of a world record is not well in my mind either. Maybe it just gives her justification for her weight issues. Such a shame.

    I work very hard at being healthy by taking care of myself and doing things that are good for me and my body. To hear of someone that is purposely doing the opposite makes me a bit sad.


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