Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sebatical

In a way I have taken a sabbatical from my blog. Not that I wanted to but as many of you know I have been working on a website that is now in 26 countries and 38 U.S. states. I worked on that baby for 2 years but alas we have a 17K dollar hurdle to over come and I think our program may die.

At any rate today I want to talk about living within your means a bit. As many of you know about 4 years ago I started a mfg company (raised 250K) and went bankrupt. Lost my house and had to get an investor to buy it back ( I had to pay him 10K above what we agreed on to get my house back). To do that I have been working two jobs now for 4 years and it has been tuff....
My wife and I have cut down many family trips and I'm sure the relatives are getting sick of it. What that means is for the last 4 years instead of heading to northern WI every month we have taken that money ($75.00 one way) and thrown it at a credit card or a bill. You know by the time you hit the road/ pay for gas and eat...its like there goes $200.00.

This is truly painful because I love my family a lot. I see the nephews and nieces growing up and I am not there. When I look at it I have almost dug myself out of a 10K hole in 4 years by working like a mother.
In the end I'm sorry to all my relatives for not being able to get up north. But the bottom line is if I don't have it I don't spend it. Nor do I increase the amount of money I owe on my credit card and think...."oh yea I will pay for it later".......To be honest its this frugal attitude that has kept my two kids in a house. I have faltered here and there but the bottom line is they are still in their house. To do that I will have to be with my family only in spirit for a while. In January of 2011 I shall finally be caught up and maybe next year I can make some more trips.
And finally let me leave you with this. Anyone out there know how to drop mountain dew from my diet? I'm addicted to that crap ......
The Black Widow

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  1. Sounds like you've gotten a handle on what so many folks need to. I could use some belt-tightening myself. Glad you're back writing.


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