Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Life

For my weekly readers I will be leaving today and back on Monday 08/02/10. But for today I want to talk to you about Living Life. I can't seem to stop talking about it but when I went bankrupt 4 years ago it took a toll on my life. Many people hated me (banks etc)but what I did not know is even big corporations can go bankrupt (the thought never crossed my mind)...The whole point is this story is what I did with my life since. When your growing up you always think your famliy will be there for you. But to be honest there are many times in your life that family cannot help you with what you have going on.
So this is the point in life when you find out what your really made of. In my case I went into bankrupcy for 500K. One day while losing my house I looked at my shitzu. At the time many apartments we were looking at would not take dogs. Also he was one of my only friends I could talk to because my wife hated me at that time. So I looked at him and said yes my little friend we will also find a way to keep you.. I found out even if I took an apartment I would have paid more in rent than I was for my house. So I started thinking of a way to keep my house (started looking for an investor).
My whole thing was I wanted my kids life to stay normal...Stay in their house/ not have to move and keep the same friends. I took the brunt of everything and kept all the negativity and threats from my family (phone calls from banks/threats from investors etc). Many things I endured they have no idea about.

What I wanted to talk to you about today is your ability to be tuff in hard times. There are people like me with a since of humor that without it have nothing. With everything I went through I found my since of humor kept me at peace. It is the one thing that God gave me (No Man) can take from me.
So my favorite story (when I went bankrup) was the hot dog story. I was driving my van around trying to figure out things and it was lunchtime and I was hungry. The day before I had thrown a hot dog on my van floor and left it there in a wrapper to throw out the next day. Well it was still there and I only had gas money for the van and no money for food..So I picked up my hot dog and ate it for lunch that day. As I was driving I laughed my ass off because I thought (who in their right mind would do such a thing?). At that moment I knew my life sucked and I had to get off my ass and fix things. At that moment I accepted the fact that I was about to lose everything and had to figure out how to take care of my family.
The thing is I hear so many people in the world with negativity. Now granted I agree not having a job sucks and so does losing your home. I pray for these people all the time because I lived it. But my point of the story today is keep your SPIRIT alive. Find something that is fun that you like to get through every day....For me it was playing with my kids or finding a new project to work on. I'm also a photograpy buff and love outdoor photos or movies. If you let yourself get to depressed that simply is not a good thing.

Life "is" what you make of it. Go out and find something good about it and don't let it get you down all the time. Pick one day a week and have that be your day. No phone family members just sit at the park and watch the ducks (or take your dog along and have a quite day). We each have somthing to offer in life so when life gets you down figure out what that is and be happy at least that you have somethign to offer.
It's allready August and pretty soon this year will be done and you will be another year older. Time flies.....remember death.

The Black Widow

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