Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Vikings

Lately I have been fascinated with the Vikings of the old lure. Last week I saw a show on my History channel which thought they may have already been in the New World before Columbus was. Before I get to my small story let me first say I have promised to read a book on them soon.

Now....I cant make it a fricken day without having a mountain dew. So this week I told myself I'm going to live like a Viking and not have any soda pop. Normally my day at work is stressful and I eat crap all day. Can you imagine that your a Viking and you say OK today we're getting in a boat and traveling about 300 or 1000 miles. Wait....did they have coffee back then? What the hell did these people eat for breakfast? (I'm guessing potatoes?).....I sure as hell know that if they were hungry between meals they did not eat a snickers....or they did not go to the vending machine and grab a dew like I do.
The thing is my second job I have I take care of apartment buildings in the winter. I have to shovel snow for the older people so they don't slip on the ice etc. Sometimes its like 40 below below and when I get home to my house it's toasty warm....I usually fall asleep... Now imagine your a Viking / its winter and your traveling in the Ocean with freezing water coming into your boat...There is no little house to escape and be warm in ...you either got tough like a mother fucker or you died.
From what I've read so far a very interesting people....I'm very interested in the Roman people also but lately what fascinates me about the Vikings is I believe they had the balls to travel to the new world..And if that is the case they did not have snickers and soda on their trip. So I should be able to survive one week without Dew...My vow to myself for the day.
If anyone out there can recommend a kick ass book on the Vikings.....please let me know..
The Black Widow

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