Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Last year we are all concerned about the Swine Flu....Remember that is was going to be a Pan Demic according to CNN....Recently I have read about the NDM-1 super bug found in India and other areas. First off what concerns me is my son has athsma and his immune system does not work as well as yours or mine might. But what concerns me more is that maybe Super Bugs at some point will be the end of society.
This latest one (NDM-1) is resistant to all antibiotics. This is like one super antibiotic but that apparently does not always work against this bug. The thing is with Global airlines and people moving from here to there you don't' need a terrorist to bring a dirty bomb...people are already effecting each other with these bugs that travel from shore to shore.
Now that to me is becoming more scary than a nuclear attack. What is more scary is some countries are taking these bug and mutating them with all sorts of things. One day you can have a cold and the next day after aquiring this can have cancer.
Along with the desctruction of Nuclear Arms....maybe the working with Super Bugs aught to be the next thing that we get rid of.
This my scary shit.
The Black Widow

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