Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Leaders Vrs Followers

A while ago I was very upset with CNN because as usual people Die in Iraq every day. And what did they cover for 4 days? Yes Michael Jackson's death. So I suppose my story comes down to my heading of "leaders vrs followers"...Maybe I should not be so upset with CNN but instead with all the people who I call followers. Their are so many people in this World who have no since of direction. They jump on any band wagon and want to be part of a crowd. Whatever is written must just be gospel (no pun intended at the bible).

After losing everything 4 years ago my main focus in life has been to take care of my family. I set a goal for an income and work as many jobs as I had to every year to meet that cash flow. And if I'm lucky I get to come home by 9:00 p.m and maybe catch some real news.

That is why I find it so weird with the amount of time wasted on movie stars, baseball players or whatever. I understand people need hobbies but I think some people are way to attached to movie stars. I mean like they are crying their eyes out when a star walks by? Like is that movie star better than you or I? HELL no... Go out in the world and make things happen in your life. Don't worry about what Jimmy or Jane has or wants. Go get what you want and make that happen for you.

Give me Science...

Give me History..

Give me Politics..

Don't give me shit about what Ricky Martin or any other Star is up to or what they are wearing or who they are screwing (thats a run on sentance).

Give me something like facts on Global Warming. Where are we with Iran and Israel? How can we eliminate death in Iraq for our Soldiers? Give me that and you have my attention. Give me garbage and I will just shut you off.

The Black Widow


  1. TV is mostly a joke anymore. We mostly watch the religious channels, Hallmark, DIY, HGTV, FOX, and sometimes the cooking channel if it's not something moronic like "Iron Chef."

    Responded to your comment on my blog; thanks for visiting.

  2. I agree with the problem around celebrity. It sets up our young people for disappointment and false ideals. It is essential that they see the emptiness of fame and reach for the value each has within themselves. Your children are very blessed to have a father who understands this.


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