Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Christmas Is Coming

Ok for the record this is not my photo....But it is pretty so Im using it if not ok let me know I'll take it down.
The reason I'm writing today is very soon it will be Xmas. Something in my brain (I know Im getting older) tells me the years are going by too fast. And to me once July is over it's soon December. Things go that fast for me now.
The point I want to talk about today is the fact that I can say the word Christmas. See I grew up Catholic and while I don't always pracitce my faith I shall never be anything other. However I also believe that each and every religion should have the right to practice their faith. And so every year I get upset when I hear people are asked not to put up Xmas trees in certain areas for decorations.
You see for some people (like me.....)it's not a matter of's a matter of tradition. Should I be able to tell a Jewish person he can't practice Honika? (Hell No)...Why? because that is his or her own tradition and or religion. So when I put up my Xmas tree this year and someone asks me to take it down I'm going to tell them to go to Hell. I think there are many people in this world that were sucked in on how the Xmas tree is a religious symbol (It....Is....Not...).....
So this year I'm allready in the Xmas spirit. Every year I buy myself a new (cheap ass digital/analog watch).....Usually I spend about $12.00 on myself and get my wife a little something in order to make it fun for us.. We spend about a few hundred on the kids so they get their fun.
The Holidays are about family and making memories with them.
So stand up for your rights this year. If you want to practice Honika then that is your right. If you want to practice being a Catholic go do so. That is your right as a Citizen of the United States of America. But when people who are citizens put up a tree that is their right to do so.
Here in Black Widow Land you are allowed to practice whatever faith you want.
Just don't ask me not to write or talk about Xmas trees...
The Black Widow

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