Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whats Coming

For those of you who don't know me well I am a Nature Freak. I love everything to do with animals, the outdoors and old buildings. Recently I purchased a camera for $100.00 so I can improve my blog photos. I'm still getting use to it (the above photo is only at 5M and I just increased my camera to 8M after this picture was taken...The point is I like to forget about the world and get in touch with my nature side sometimes.
This morning (look at the photo closely) there was a buck and a doe out eating in a field on my ride to work. I have not figured out my zoom feature yet but there are in the middle of the photo. No worries they just simply watched me as I watched them. In a world of oil spills, people killing each other and just simply hate......To me its nice to revert back to nature and enjoy what "it" has to offer. Just to enjoy a simple moment in time when the phone is not ringing or you have to worry about that next bill.
Now with my camera with me every day perhaps I can capture that elusive shot of Bigfoot, or Aliens? Well it's always fun to think with a since of humor anyway. Please enjoy my nature photo and have a nice day.......Take the day off from all the news and propaganda and enjoy Nature.
The Black Widow

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  1. I'm getting caught up! I have two pair of deer and two fawns in the field just down the road from my place, almost every evening. they are so beautiful against the greenery. I agree. Get out in nature and feel what matters.


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