Thursday, February 10, 2011

Foreclosed Property

Today I finally finished a foreclosed property clean up I have been working on. To date I took out a 2000# dumpster of garbage (yes like carrots/food garbage/ and clothes). Along with 2 20' trailers of garbage and two truck loads as well. So in other words I have the whole building cleaned up and now painted. And the majority of the time was spent taking garbage out of the building....Who lives like this? I lost my house once and had to get an investor to buy it back..I never treated my house like a dump even though I lost it and had to buy it back.

Most of you know I have a Shitzu who is lazy and will never work a day in his life. "I" would not even let him live in the house that I just cleaned up.....It was took me 5 days to wipe the scum off walls in the kitchen and all other rooms had so much hair on the wall I had to remove that before I could paint.

I talked to some neighbors and the place I'm working on had dogs....but according to the neighbors the tenants never let the dogs out....hence all the dog hair in the air....

After being laid off last week Thursday you would think I would be more stressed out about it. But actually i was more stressed out about finishing this house so i could get paid.....

Buyer "Beware" on any foreclosed property you buy......

The Black Widow

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