Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still Unemployed In WI

Ok with everything going on in WI I find myself still unemployed. Now the good news for me is I have interviewed for the 3rd time with a company but who knows. I find myself looking at the Calendar a lot and thinking how bad off will I be by that month? Or the month after? In the mean time I find myself working a lot of odd jobs and trying to stay busy.

Have you ever interviewed for a job and think "yes" I know a ton of more stuff than this guy? or that girl?

The problem I'm facing now is I'm like 43. I'm sure I will have to take a job for less pay so as to get my kids on some health insurance. But this is now the way of the world and it also seems to me that the working class is now taking it on the chin once again because of short falls in the budget. We should be taxing the rich more but now if States try and do that the rich folk just move to another State.

Help us OB1 Kinobe......You are the worlds only hope. And finally one more thing as I vent to my viewers? I get the fact that Libya is messed up right now? But does the U.S. have to fix every other World problem? We as it seems cannot fix our own problems....Maybe we should concentrate on those issues first....Yes I hear all the people that say well that does effect us... However if we get involved in one more War that we cannot afford I'm simply going to puke.

The Black Widow

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  1. "I'm simply going to puke." What I love about your blog is the complete open and honest way you write, Tim. It's very refreshing. I hope that the perfect job comes through very soon. In the meanwhile, write.

    Yes, we could use some guidance/help from OB1 Kinobe.
    Hang in there, Tim.
    Your Friend,


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