Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ok.....For 5 years I had a ring that was like hollow on the inside and always cut the top of my finger (needless to say I think I spent $180.00 on that ring and for what? a cut up finger). In the last two years /every week I would wake up and think "I need to buy a new fricken ring"....I don't know why but it's just the way I am (I like a ring on my right hand). So very recently I thought the hell with it I'm going to purchase the ring that I want for like $280.00. Then the weekend before my new ring purchase I saw this spoon ring in a thrift store.
The girl took out the spoon ring and I was like "Cool"... Now I'm a very cheap bastard and I think about things a long time before I buy them. Sometimes I cannot get things out of my head until I make my purchase and it's done......But the ring I found is smooth/ it does not cut my finger and I love the design......And I'ts ficken made out of a spoon? Who the hell are these people who come up with this creative stuff....I don't care that it's cheap....It's Cool......
...If your a cheap guy like I am (ok that does not sound good....).....Check out spoon rings....They are totally cool and very imaginitive. The guy above has some awesome designs.......To think I've been thinking about a ring and finally found one after 2 years for $4.99 is great and bad....I'ts great that I found one I finally like....but it's really bad it took me so long....
Being cheap is not all it's cracked up to be....
The Black Widow

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  1. Very cool. I love checking out thrift stores for things that could replace high buck items. It's recycling. :)


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