Friday, April 1, 2011

GE Pays No Taxes on 1.5 Billion

First off when hearing about this story I was pissed at GE....In 2010 they made a 14.2 BILLION (yes with a "B") Dollar Profit. Not sure my numbers are totally correct but about 5.1 Billion of that 14.2 was from profits made in the United States.

I ran the numbers several ways vrs my salary of ($53,000) and I got to tell ya thats a shit load of cash. But first let me say I'm torn between two lovers on this issue.

Issue #1 .......What the fuck!!!!....How can they make that much money and not be taxed? I can't make 53K and the government is after me for like 28% of my cash. Not only that but I'm also hearing GE got rid of about 1/5 of their employees. See that was the reason I got laid off from my last company .... because they wanted more profit. Hey lets get rid of the Black Widow and keep another $53K in our pocket. Many corporations out there are just down sizing and keeping more profit (and hoping like hell they can survive on more profit without quality issues).

Issue #2..........BUT WAIT.......Now after shutting off my radio in the truck and thinking about this issue a second time I thought (WHERE IS MY GOVERNMENT)???? Who is out there making sure that companies like GE can get some tax breaks in THIS FRICKEN COUNTRY.....create some jobs....but then also be held accountable that they are not just keeping profits? And are actually creating and keeping jobs over a proposed time frame. And this number will be accountable to the U.S. Government and the tax payers.

Summation...... Good Job GE.......(This power move make Donald Trump look like a shoe salesman).....If this was my company and I could figure it out I would have done the same thing. It's a shame that that corporations get taxed so much that they have to snake their way to another country. But on the other hand.......What is our Government doing for us (the people under 100K?) on this issue? Right now I don't see much at all.

Politicians better wake up in the U.S. and in Wisconsin because April is coming and its time to Vote. This year I'm very intersted in how the Independant votes come across on all the issues. Especially on ones like this.

The Black Widow


  1. GE (which owns MSNBC) was a major contributor to the Obama regime.
    And they say that they 'bring good things to light'. Maybe they feel that this is enough to justify letting them off the hook with the tax man?


    GE gave to both political parties. They favored Dems in 1990/92 and 2008/10. The years in between, they favored Repubs.

    That aside, there is no way any company should be able to bribe their way out of the tax code.


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