Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mean and Nasty Work Trucks

Last year I spent a considerable time buying a used truck and then dumping a lot of cash into it. Why? well I started a thing with foreclosed properties where I go in and clean them out and fix them up on the side. The thing is I have wanted a truck for over 5 years and I bought a Chevy which has 240K miles on it. I did not want a sissy truck I wanted a truck that was for work. When I get in it there can be dirt on the floor and the bed should have some dents in it.

To say the least I fricken love my truck (the red one above). And if this one was ever to die I would go out and buy another high mileage truck. The reason is I can pay for them right away and I think I can get a couple of years out of each one without having a payment. And if I want to haul something no problem. Where as with a car your always looking for someone with a truck to help you move shit. Not for me anymore thank you... My truck is a long box but I also love the short box trucks as well (green truck photo)....Problem is with the short box your always looking for more room. They look mean and nasty but I think short boxes fall short when you really want to work.

The next truck I want will be the Chevy 3500 HD....I'm only getting 8-12 miles to the gallon now so anything I buy will be an upgrade. However I have no payment on my truck and expect to keep it for some time. My thought for today is having a truck is like a lifestyle change. Its my motor boat or my jet ski....but the difference is I can make money with my truck....

To all of you out there who want a truck???......don't wait...go out and make yourself happy and get it now...Just don't spend $55,000.00.....You can have a lot of fun for $2000.00 and you dont have to worry if it gets scratched or dented.

The Black Widow

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  1. I've been thinking of buying an older truck this spring. I want something to haul my stuff, plus, most models made before 1983, I believe, run without a "computer" in the engine, it can run even when all signals are failing elsewhere. I don't mean to sound doomsday-ish, but we are far too dependent on our computerized machines, cellphones included. Yeah, there's something about a truck.


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