Monday, March 29, 2010

Ancient Cranes

This weekend I was in Chicago and was awed by some of the larger buidlings we saw there. Take a look at the crane I've enclosed (no gass engine and probably hand powered and or with a donkey etc). Its april now and one of my favorite movies coming up this month is The Ten Commandments. If you watch it this year watch the people in the back ground (the workers moving slabs etc). That is probably very similier to how it was done but as for that movie from long ago it had great graphics.
Many of the ancient buildings were built by hand and towered above peoples heads. Many probably used an older crane like the photo I''ve enclosed. I'm awed today with how high some buildings and cranes can go. I wonder if people from long ago thought the same things I did over the weekend.
If anyone knows any great construction books from long ago please pass along the author.
The Black Widow

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