Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Solar Eclipse "The End Of The World"

The End of The World? mmmmm maybe not...but consider this. A few days ago I was watching one of my public television shows talking about ultra violet rays coming from the sun and pretty much frying all of our electicity and all our ways of communication. I thought about that and it would take a lot of gamma rays to make this happen.
However then I thought about this. A few years ago we had a major power outtage. This was across the United States and mostly in the bigger cities. What concerns me right now more than anything is some terrorist wakes up and takes a stab at our power system in the United States. I'ts pretty much like me in that the power grid is old and overworked.
Imagine you cant buy anything on credit because no ATMS work. You've run out of cash and now for some odd reason the banks wont distribute money.
I guess the point is I'm not worried about 2012 or about bionic sun rays coming from space. What I am concerned about are idiots with bombs and people actually trying to mess with our power grid....God forbid.
The Black Widow

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