Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today I want to discuss the recent killing of a girl at (that zoo world we will call it). But first lets look at some important statistics then I will get to my point.
Bradley my little shitzu on the left weighs about 21#. He only has his two front bottom teeth and when he bites you its more like a nibble....You can play with him and the worst that will happen is you will get a scratch and you will need a band aid.

Now the Great White Shark goes about 5000# and when he is hungry he is going to eat. Most people do swim with sharks in public pools or zoos but many do out in the wild. They throw out fish etc to attract the sharks and that's all fine and dandy your in a cage. I would not recommend however drowning yourself in pig fat and then swimming with Sharks....Quite frankly they scare me and have been around for Millions of years.

Now::::::Let's talk about the Killer Whale. From the moment I saw my first one I thought they looked very powerful. It turns out I have heard rumors of them killing Great Whites and other sharks. These things can get up to 6 tons or about 12,000 pounds. They have been known to come in off the shore about 15 yards to grab a seal and then get back into the ocean. They are extremely intelligent. As I call them they are "Thinkers"......I'm a thinker...and if I sat in a bathtub for 72 hours I'm sure I would want to play with something because I would be totally bored.

So if you breed the Killer Whale in a pen that does not mean they are going to be stupid and not be able to think. Quite frankly I believe the animals are bored and its my personal wish they would not be bred in captivity. A shitzu is different you can take him outside play with him, take him for a ride in a car. But a 12,000# animal you cannot move around very often.
So the moral of this story is in Black Widow Land (my blog world) I stop exploiting them and not do any more shows. The biggest moral of this story however is if you are a trainer and your working with this animal....It's like parachuting.....You do to many jumps and sooner or later your time is up. I think some of the trainers have to realize they are playing with fire????????
On the other hand and I think this is only my view point. The killer whale who killed that girl may have killed others. Should it not be a responsibility of this company to retire that animal from shows? Is there no legal aspect that the families of these victims can go after these companies with?
It's my opinion we should not breed Killer Whales in captivity.
The Black Widow

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