Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Wisconsin Christmas Lasts Forever

As I get older Im amazed at how winter seems to grab me and drag me down. Dont get me wrong we love christmas and kids enjoy it. However come about this time every year (February) I am totally sick of winter. Working two jobs takes a tole on you but so does the cold. I can take the snow any day but getting up at 5 a.m. and dealing with the cold eats and eats and eats away at my attitude. Its like you cant step outside without things freezing off your body and the feel of chill in your bones.

I use to be able to get up and run out of the house with just a jacket even at 40 below. Now I can barely move with all the clothes I wear. My latest joke with myself is I should get dressed before bed with what I'm going to wear outside the next morning (coat /boots etc). That way I can just walk out the door. I gave up on this notion since no matter what I do I still freeze my ass off.

It finally dawned on me this year that the reall issue is the SUN. Sometimes in Wisconsin I may as well be in Siberia because we never see the sun. I'm beginning to feel this is having an adverse effect on my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Ever see the movies where it's like 50 below and they are flying into Alaska like a real no mans land? That is what I feel like in February...Like we are stranded on a planet and we can't get out....
I gave up hope on the spring coming any time soon. Now in my 40's I just plan on Winter being done in May (and late May at that).
So come visit us soon in Wisconsin. For six months we have 3 beautiful seasons..........And then for six months we have Winter........

The Black Widow

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