Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IM ALWAYS RIGHT (The CoWorker from Hell)

When I write a story I always try to find a photo that goes with the story. The above photo is classic for my story today. Probably 90% of our life is spent at work. The other 10 is spent on family and paying bills. Its funny but everywhere you go there has always got to be a person who has to be right...Not just some of the time but all of the time.

I did a story a while ago in September (Eu Tu Brute/this boss was bad) about a boss who was always right. We got rid of him thank god. But when one bad person leaves never fear another one will step up to the plate. The above photo sums it up for me in that wherever you go in the professional world someone always wants to blame someone else for their mistakes. It's that type of person who does not focus on how to fix a system but focuses on covering their ass and how he can blame someone else for his mistakes.
Saturday Night Live had the best skit ever. George Steinbrenner hired Billy Martin to put away groceries. The people in the store did not like Billy Martin and wanted him to be fired. So they told George to fire him and George said why? I would have to fire him and train someone else. And then I would have to fire him and train another guy. The going joke was that indeed George Steinbrenner had hired and fired and rehired Billy Martin like 4 times.
The point of the story is your always going to have to deal with Jerks at work. Take the above picture and stick it in your cube. When you run into one (and you will know who he is).........put that photo on your wall and this guys name next to it. Then everyone who comes into your cube will know that "that guy" is a dum ass...
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