Monday, March 1, 2010


My daughter is now 7 and loves pink. So about a week ago now her mom redid her room (see above) My daughter has a twin brother and he has a hunting room since he is into guns and swords and totally opposite of his sister. When I look at this room I see my daughter right away. She is sweet/ kind and gentle but there is always that color "pink". From the moment they were born / what seems like yesterday it has been totally precious watching the differences in personality. I can remember 7 years ago when I cut their cords / my first thought is what will their personalities be like?

Every day with my kids I watch their faces and expressions. I cherrish every moment because now I know how time can fly by so quickly. I know there are people who would just as soon dump their kids in school and have nothing to do with them. I am not one of those parents and I love spending time with each of them every day. It may sound silly but I know the next 10 years is going to go by faster than the first 7.

I guess there is two morals to this story. One is I will never forget how she just loves pink. Two is whenever she moves out I'm going to cry like a baby.... I hate getting old.....

The Black Widow

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  1. I read your blog and am always amazed at how you just keep putting out these very personal stories about your life so fearlessly and you know how to write....very conversational...that's good writing. And, that a man would put a photo of his daughter's bedroom and her love of pink...very cool. I also love that you mention in a previous post that you try to instill self-assurance in your children....that's good parenting. It sounds like you are carving out a very meaningful life for you and your family. Bravo!


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