Wednesday, March 31, 2010

!!!!......."My".....Macgyver Episode

After going bankrupt a while ago as I've mentioned I lost everything. There are many days that stick out in my head but one I call "my magyver" episode. See I lost both my cars and so to get from point A to point B a family member gave me an old dodge car to use. I never let my kids ride in this because it had a great chance of breaking down. And one day on my way home from Madison WI it did just that.
The car always had a tendancy to over heat but I would let it cool down and then it was ok. But on this day I needed Macgyver. You know that plastic container in your car that holds coolant and you can refill it? Well on my way home one day that container got so hot it blew a hole in itself. Smoke was blowing out of my hood and the temp gage went balistic. I had to take evasive action and pull off of I90 and luckily there was a gas station. Here is where my since of humor takes over.

I walk into the gas station looking for something that I can plug the hole and refill the container with coolant. As ususal when you need something for a car you cannot find it. And then it hits me.................."BUBBLE GUM".......... sure I know what your thinking I'm a dumb ass right? Well the way I figured it I had a 50/50 shot of it holding for another 2 miles. And If I could do that I could walk to the next town and have my buddy pick me up.

So I buy a big pack of Bubble Gum and shove it in this hole. Now I filled the container with coolant (after waitng for an hour for the car to cool down). Started the car and got about a mile down the road before it started spitting water and fumes out the hood again. By now I'm laughing my ass off thinking of Macgyver and what he would have done to fix the car. As it turns out the Bubble Gum could not withstand the pressure or the heat from the engine.
Dam.....Where is Macgyver when you need him....
The Black Widow

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