Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kevin Madden

First off before I tell you what I think about Kevin Madden let me first tell you I'm a total Independent. I'll tell you why I say that later. Now the other night I saw Kevin on a show debating the good and bad on health care issues. And frankly I agree there is good and bad. What made me stop and think is this guy has a certain professionalism to him and I think he is a class act. One other guy on the program is just screaming his head off (he was also a Republican) and I was embarrassed for him. Then Kevin starts spewing out numbers and a bit about how he operates etc. I've seen him before on CNN a ton but this one night he stood out in my mind..Why?
Right now I believe the Republicans have to stop letting people on air who name call and yell.... They need to bring in smart people who can handle their emotions like "Kevin Madden"......
Quite frankly I love his approach. He's like yea "spews out numbers"......etc. etc...and made the democratic strategist look like a dumb ass. All in his own little quiet way.....Without yelling or name calling just talked about the FACTS.
Numbers are a good way to spin information......Kevin Madden is great at numbers, his information is professional and I think the Republican party needs more guys like him. If he ran for office tomorrow that type of guy would pull my independent vote.
The Black Widow

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  1. Right on! I was impressed with Kevin Madden, and I liked Mitt Romney while he was running for President. I feel I can learn from him to help formulate my opinion regarding health care. People ought to use him as a role model to fight in what they believe and move away angry attacks. What a great example of a leader!


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