Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Just In....How Banks Screw You......

Remember a little while ago how we had to pump in billions to our banking system or we were in another great depression? This is so funny cause they are still screwing me and you...A few years ago I raised 250K to start a manufacturing company. To be honest I made lots of mistakes and I went bankrupt. Lost everything and had to buy back my house out of foreclosure. The thing is because of my bankruptcy I cannot refinance my home until next March for a lower interst rate. Because of a stipulation that Fannie Mae has about bankruptcies. Now that's funny the Government puts in billions of your tax dollars so they....Fannie Mae will not go bankrupt. They can also dictate how soon you (an average joe) can refinance so they can collect more interest and make more profit from you the little guy.
They were too big to let go under or so I keep hearing. So maybe I should have gone into debt 60 million vrs 500k. And I should have had thousands of employees so I was to big to go under. My point is I went bankrupt and kept my family in a house by working two jobs for the last four years. Not one person asked to bail me out nor did I ask anyone to do so. And that is what I think we need to start doing with large corporations is holding them ACCOUNTABLE.......
If the U.S. Government wants to pump fricken billions into something so people can work...then build some roads....Today........in every state, every town and every city....Hire painters and contracters today and go out and fix up every piece of shit house in this country so there are more places for people to live. And the average Joe does not have to worry about making a house payment. And if your a big bank and your going under we (the tax payers let you go under). And if the Government wants to pump money into banks to keep the economy going. Then let them pump money into banks that were smart enough to stay open. Us little guys will then start banking at those banks.
And if your a large corporation and your going under.....take some responsibility like I did and work your own way out of it.
The Black Widow


  1. I liked President Bush up until October 2008. Then, I just realized he was as big of a progressive liberal as all the Democrats. I am fed up with the federal government imposing their will on the American people, they think they know what is best for us. They made their millions off of the free market and now want to rule over us and force us to give up all of our hard earned cash to help out the lazy poor people that just want to leech off of the system.


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