Monday, March 1, 2010

Wants Vrs Needs

My Techy side is really buggin me today...Ok Wants Vrs. Needs.... I dont need the G650 leer jet that is coming out....But I want it.........The plane is being built by General Dynamics and is coming out for sale for a mere 59 million.

Now my pontiac vibe gets 38 miles to the gallon but it would take more than 6 hours to go from New York to California. And my pontiac vibe cannot take me to Russia and or India on the same tank of fuel as can the G650.

So you see I really dont need the new plane......But I want it for two reasons. #1 because I cant have it but now #2 since I read the story about how fast and far it will fly"I want it"....

In my mind I have to ask myself how much money do you have to make to be able to buy an aircraft like this? I make about 70K a year and my vibe cost about 12K so figure to be proportunate in the finacing world you may want to be a billionaire to buy this aircraft. I know what it's like to walk into a car dealership one day and say yea....I'll take that pontiac vibe. But what does it feel like to walk into a Leer Jet company and say......ahhhhhhhhhhh yea I suppose I'll take the G650......

Can you imagine the power these people have with this type of money? The ability to go anwhere in the world on a moments notice? In a time of people without homes or jobs I wish people who had money like this would donate more money to charity and the needy.

There is truly a disconnect with people who do not have....and those that do.

The Black Widow

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