Tuesday, March 23, 2010


First off before I begin hacking on CNN let me say they do great coverage on national tragedies.

I'm also a real believer that they have some excellent news anchors such as Wolf /Jack and Anderson Cooper.

However I'm a guy who grew up when news was real news and I think their news format is only 1 step above the National Enquirer. At least when I buy the National Enquirer I know I'm getting trash. But CNN promotes the news. I'm not so sure....

Remember Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw. It seemed back then people were reporting on the NEWS....Stories that were actually happening.

Now???? It seems like the news teams are trying to create news. First off and I know many of you wont like this....Michael Jackson's death was news...But it did not need 4 days of coverage.

After a night where a (National health insurance bill passes) good or bad what does CNN cover the next day..... Tiger Woods for hours......

Somewhere they must have made a deal with Cable and Satellite companies because I cant get maybe one or two other news channels.
What upsets me about this channel is people die in Iraq every day......Israel and Iran have issues going on which I can't seem to find any coverage on. And millions of people are still homeless and we have no clue what will go on with them any more in Haiti.

Why? Because CNN the most trusted news channel is to busy trying to find out more about Tiger and or cover racial remarks at Senate hearings (ie You LIE).....I truly believe they try and create news vrs cover it.

A PRIME EXAMPLE...I just remembered. John Edwards fathered a baby on the second side of his sisters aunts cousins brother....I mean who gives a rats ass.....

Help me OB1 kinobe....Bring back the news....Bring back Walter Cronkite......and if you cant do that bring back Tom Brokaw....At the very least someone tell me where I can get some real news and not speculation.......

The Black Widow

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  1. And, every local newscast starts with a fright story based entirely on fear mongering. I'm with you...bring us a new Walter and report the real News.


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