Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm taking a few days vacation so I thought of things I will miss doing and one thing came to mind right away and that is my blogging. See a few weeks ago I asked a fellow blogger why she blogs. Then she asked me why I liked blogging and I said "I like to create something out of nothing". See the cool thing about blogging is you can say whatever you want and even though some people might disagree with your politics they still might like the story you write about. I have found that since I have started blogging people are for the most part very respectful in the blogging world.
Basically the way my blog works is I think in my brain about what is going on in the world "aka politics" and or what is my brain thinking about "big foot/aliens/world peace etc." and then just for the fun of it I write a story on the issue that totally jumps out at me. See I've read a lot of my readers blogs and they are much more desirable (as far as how they are written) than mine. In my black widow land we try and provide a place for people to stop by (we / that is me , myself and I) and share a laugh on different subjects.
Basically I like to yak and think and I've found that sometimes by doing this I may actually help myself relax and or reach a decision on something that is bugging me. Basically I find that blogging is good for the soul and relaxing. It also gives me a chance to create something out of nothing even though it may suck.
So my fellow bloggers have a great weekend and remember. Don't worry about what everyone thinks about your blog...Worry about weather or not making that blog makes you happy. If it did then blogging has done its job and so have you. I'm back on Monday so have a great weekend. I'm already trying to think of my next blog.
Blogging is Addicting.......
The Black Widow

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  1. Hope you had a great weekend. What I like about blogging is there's so much to learn from much knowledge out there. And I hope your navigational blog is off and running! Happy Easter!


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