Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"C" FOR KIDS (my dream scholarship program)

In my life time if I ever get rich Im going to start a dream scholarship program of mine which I call "C" FOR KIDS. See I grew up a farm boy and I was not an A average student. One day in my 40's I had a thought (I have done more than some guys who graduated with me but had an A average). Just because kids get a C average does not mean they are losers.
I've been to a lot of graduations but don't remember C average kids taking home a lot of money. Here is how it's going to work so let me know what you think. Depending on how much money I had I would pick the top 3 kids in each graduating class with a "C" average that would go to school but cannot afford it. Basically I would work with the guidance counserlors to find out in fact who really wanted to go to school (that had a "C average) but needed that little bit of extra cash (To Make It Happen). Then I would get up each year at graduation and give the top 3 winners a check to pursue that education. Dont know why but I've always had 3 kids in mind when I think of this program.
In my lifetime I went to school 3 times untill I figured out what I wanted to do. Worked part time and went to school full time in order to make that happen. I've started two businesses (the first one not so hot) but the second has lots of potential. I've flown all around the United States and have handled Millions of dollars of Manufacturing accounts. All on the education level of a "C" student.
The world is full of "C" students so when I get my way I'm going to help them along a little bit. Some of us may not comprehend as well but we can work twice as hard to make something happen.
The Black Widow


  1. What a wonderful idea! And, often "C" students have common sense, a valuable tool in life.

  2. What a wonderful plan...I've always wanted to give my little house to some nice deserving family that would never be able to have one...if I won the lottery or something. :)


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