Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jim Bunning

Ok: So Jim goes no National television and complains cause he has to work instead of going to a national basketball game.

Then he does not renew benefits because he wants congress to come up with billions that are actually in the budget?

Jim: Wake up and smell the roses....for the last several years we have been spending money in IRAQ and every other place on the planet....Where were you then? I think the number is in the Trillions.....Can you shut that money off too please?

Um oh yea now that you just put thousands of workers on the street becuase your afraid of spending a mere 10 billion.....PLEASE Get a clue and get a different job....

The Black Widow

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  1. I was so mad when I read this story about
    Bunning, I was spittin' tacks. Thank god he was forced to come to his senses... a perfect example of what's wrong with our entire political system


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