Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How Time Flies (TO THE HUNT)

Above is an area where I hunt. You can barely see my parents farm in the background. Right in front of (where I was posted) is a little pond I was sitting at. That day I saw two doe come within 20 ft of me. No I did not shoot them and to be honest I dont care to shoot anything unless they are a huge buck.
The point of this story though is I work a lot and I don't get up North but twice a year if that. Every time I'm up there I snap a photo of my parents home. Then throughout the year when I'm homesick I look at the photos from time to time and wish I was there. I have started this new thing with my camera phone of just snapping pictures and I have a list of what I want to shoot when I'm North this year.
My kids are 7 now and it use to be a monthly thing going up to see my parents. But as you get older it's like you have more and more responsibility and less and less time to have fun. Your working and your kids are involved with this and that etc. Maybe in a world of extreme stress from working two jobs I find that there is some tranquility in my photo taking. I cant always be up North but at least by taking photos of it I can look at it and remember my fun times I had as a child and feel safe like when I did when I was home.
Now that I have kids I know how my parents feel that they dont see me. The real problem I'm having lately is I'm already missing my kids and they are not even gone yet.
The Black Widow

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