Monday, March 15, 2010

why............... TOYOTA ...........Will Crash & Burn

I am not here to hack on Toyota but I am here like everyone else to tell you why I think they have the problems they do. See I dont know anything about cars but I do know about Quality. I have a been a Quality technician for two companies for my last 20 years in Manufacturing. The company I work for now is very small and needs to make money. Before my boss was fired they were willing to by pass the Quality and processes to increase output. What does that mean?
Say I'm going to paint a product with a paint I have never used before. I would pull the tech sheet and run sample parts to make sure the paint cured to the specification in the time allowed to bake. Now what I would find out is that in the cure cycle we could only paint so many parts. Otherwise the material sucked in too much heat and the parts could not get up to cure temp.
Now enter my old boss. While I'm running and figuring out the process he would come down on me and say "you have to get 50 parts through the system not 25". Even though that 25 is what is called out on the spec. And he would say if we can't get 50 "its your ass". So what that would mean is I had to put 50 though the system and pray they would meet spec and or turn a blind eye and hope my customers would not find any parts that did not meet spec.
Now think about TOYOTA. Here was a car company that was built on Quality. Or so it seemed at one time I always thought they had great cars and I always wanted one. But now I see them and I think forget it. Because of my past Quality history I believe they by passed by Quality procedures and forced workers to shoot for profit. It also fits my theory that companies who bypass Quality systems have a crap in and crap out model. When we got rid of my boss we got rid of that crap in crap out..... model. I see TOYOTA must still have their same boss. I look at those cars now and I think dam.... I'm glad I dont have one.......I am also thinking .........Let's Buy American.....
The Black Widow

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