Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A friend of mine from blogging recently told me about pings. Kind of like how a submarine sends out pings "I" today sent my very first PING. I'm not sure if your new to my site or if you just noticed me because of my ping but welcome to my blog.
I reserve the right as the black widow to mispell words, use incorrect english and have fun with my blog. You have the right to listen to a different points of view on politics and enjoy funny stories such as "Cow Hunting In Wisconsin".
blackwidowhuntingmadefun "A Global Blog"......welcome.
The Black Widow


So last weekend while down in Chicago I snapped the photo you see here. I don't know what it is but some buildings have personality some have character and some are creepy.
And when I look at these 3 (I've seen them many times before) I get that creepy feeling. Maybe it's just the location or maybe it's because they are looking down on you like a castle from a hilltop.
When my wife and I bought our home we were like yea....we got that "hello I'm a nice house buy me" feeling. And then there are those homes where you get that "If you come here /I'll scare the shit out of you feeling"..... Part of my day no matter where I go I'm always looking at buildings. To see how they are built and I guess to see if I think they are cool or not. The bottom line is I guess these buildings are cool but Creepy.....Even during the day they are creepy. I guess the moral of the story is I will not live in Creepy....
The Black Widow

!!!!......."My".....Macgyver Episode

After going bankrupt a while ago as I've mentioned I lost everything. There are many days that stick out in my head but one I call "my magyver" episode. See I lost both my cars and so to get from point A to point B a family member gave me an old dodge car to use. I never let my kids ride in this because it had a great chance of breaking down. And one day on my way home from Madison WI it did just that.
The car always had a tendancy to over heat but I would let it cool down and then it was ok. But on this day I needed Macgyver. You know that plastic container in your car that holds coolant and you can refill it? Well on my way home one day that container got so hot it blew a hole in itself. Smoke was blowing out of my hood and the temp gage went balistic. I had to take evasive action and pull off of I90 and luckily there was a gas station. Here is where my since of humor takes over.

I walk into the gas station looking for something that I can plug the hole and refill the container with coolant. As ususal when you need something for a car you cannot find it. And then it hits me.................."BUBBLE GUM".......... sure I know what your thinking I'm a dumb ass right? Well the way I figured it I had a 50/50 shot of it holding for another 2 miles. And If I could do that I could walk to the next town and have my buddy pick me up.

So I buy a big pack of Bubble Gum and shove it in this hole. Now I filled the container with coolant (after waitng for an hour for the car to cool down). Started the car and got about a mile down the road before it started spitting water and fumes out the hood again. By now I'm laughing my ass off thinking of Macgyver and what he would have done to fix the car. As it turns out the Bubble Gum could not withstand the pressure or the heat from the engine.
Dam.....Where is Macgyver when you need him....
The Black Widow

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Just In....How Banks Screw You......

Remember a little while ago how we had to pump in billions to our banking system or we were in another great depression? This is so funny cause they are still screwing me and you...A few years ago I raised 250K to start a manufacturing company. To be honest I made lots of mistakes and I went bankrupt. Lost everything and had to buy back my house out of foreclosure. The thing is because of my bankruptcy I cannot refinance my home until next March for a lower interst rate. Because of a stipulation that Fannie Mae has about bankruptcies. Now that's funny the Government puts in billions of your tax dollars so they....Fannie Mae will not go bankrupt. They can also dictate how soon you (an average joe) can refinance so they can collect more interest and make more profit from you the little guy.
They were too big to let go under or so I keep hearing. So maybe I should have gone into debt 60 million vrs 500k. And I should have had thousands of employees so I was to big to go under. My point is I went bankrupt and kept my family in a house by working two jobs for the last four years. Not one person asked to bail me out nor did I ask anyone to do so. And that is what I think we need to start doing with large corporations is holding them ACCOUNTABLE.......
If the U.S. Government wants to pump fricken billions into something so people can work...then build some every state, every town and every city....Hire painters and contracters today and go out and fix up every piece of shit house in this country so there are more places for people to live. And the average Joe does not have to worry about making a house payment. And if your a big bank and your going under we (the tax payers let you go under). And if the Government wants to pump money into banks to keep the economy going. Then let them pump money into banks that were smart enough to stay open. Us little guys will then start banking at those banks.
And if your a large corporation and your going under.....take some responsibility like I did and work your own way out of it.
The Black Widow

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ancient Cranes

This weekend I was in Chicago and was awed by some of the larger buidlings we saw there. Take a look at the crane I've enclosed (no gass engine and probably hand powered and or with a donkey etc). Its april now and one of my favorite movies coming up this month is The Ten Commandments. If you watch it this year watch the people in the back ground (the workers moving slabs etc). That is probably very similier to how it was done but as for that movie from long ago it had great graphics.
Many of the ancient buildings were built by hand and towered above peoples heads. Many probably used an older crane like the photo I''ve enclosed. I'm awed today with how high some buildings and cranes can go. I wonder if people from long ago thought the same things I did over the weekend.
If anyone knows any great construction books from long ago please pass along the author.
The Black Widow

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm taking a few days vacation so I thought of things I will miss doing and one thing came to mind right away and that is my blogging. See a few weeks ago I asked a fellow blogger why she blogs. Then she asked me why I liked blogging and I said "I like to create something out of nothing". See the cool thing about blogging is you can say whatever you want and even though some people might disagree with your politics they still might like the story you write about. I have found that since I have started blogging people are for the most part very respectful in the blogging world.
Basically the way my blog works is I think in my brain about what is going on in the world "aka politics" and or what is my brain thinking about "big foot/aliens/world peace etc." and then just for the fun of it I write a story on the issue that totally jumps out at me. See I've read a lot of my readers blogs and they are much more desirable (as far as how they are written) than mine. In my black widow land we try and provide a place for people to stop by (we / that is me , myself and I) and share a laugh on different subjects.
Basically I like to yak and think and I've found that sometimes by doing this I may actually help myself relax and or reach a decision on something that is bugging me. Basically I find that blogging is good for the soul and relaxing. It also gives me a chance to create something out of nothing even though it may suck.
So my fellow bloggers have a great weekend and remember. Don't worry about what everyone thinks about your blog...Worry about weather or not making that blog makes you happy. If it did then blogging has done its job and so have you. I'm back on Monday so have a great weekend. I'm already trying to think of my next blog.
Blogging is Addicting.......
The Black Widow

Kevin Madden

First off before I tell you what I think about Kevin Madden let me first tell you I'm a total Independent. I'll tell you why I say that later. Now the other night I saw Kevin on a show debating the good and bad on health care issues. And frankly I agree there is good and bad. What made me stop and think is this guy has a certain professionalism to him and I think he is a class act. One other guy on the program is just screaming his head off (he was also a Republican) and I was embarrassed for him. Then Kevin starts spewing out numbers and a bit about how he operates etc. I've seen him before on CNN a ton but this one night he stood out in my mind..Why?
Right now I believe the Republicans have to stop letting people on air who name call and yell.... They need to bring in smart people who can handle their emotions like "Kevin Madden"......
Quite frankly I love his approach. He's like yea "spews out numbers"......etc. etc...and made the democratic strategist look like a dumb ass. All in his own little quiet way.....Without yelling or name calling just talked about the FACTS.
Numbers are a good way to spin information......Kevin Madden is great at numbers, his information is professional and I think the Republican party needs more guys like him. If he ran for office tomorrow that type of guy would pull my independent vote.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"C" FOR KIDS (my dream scholarship program)

In my life time if I ever get rich Im going to start a dream scholarship program of mine which I call "C" FOR KIDS. See I grew up a farm boy and I was not an A average student. One day in my 40's I had a thought (I have done more than some guys who graduated with me but had an A average). Just because kids get a C average does not mean they are losers.
I've been to a lot of graduations but don't remember C average kids taking home a lot of money. Here is how it's going to work so let me know what you think. Depending on how much money I had I would pick the top 3 kids in each graduating class with a "C" average that would go to school but cannot afford it. Basically I would work with the guidance counserlors to find out in fact who really wanted to go to school (that had a "C average) but needed that little bit of extra cash (To Make It Happen). Then I would get up each year at graduation and give the top 3 winners a check to pursue that education. Dont know why but I've always had 3 kids in mind when I think of this program.
In my lifetime I went to school 3 times untill I figured out what I wanted to do. Worked part time and went to school full time in order to make that happen. I've started two businesses (the first one not so hot) but the second has lots of potential. I've flown all around the United States and have handled Millions of dollars of Manufacturing accounts. All on the education level of a "C" student.
The world is full of "C" students so when I get my way I'm going to help them along a little bit. Some of us may not comprehend as well but we can work twice as hard to make something happen.
The Black Widow


First off before I begin hacking on CNN let me say they do great coverage on national tragedies.

I'm also a real believer that they have some excellent news anchors such as Wolf /Jack and Anderson Cooper.

However I'm a guy who grew up when news was real news and I think their news format is only 1 step above the National Enquirer. At least when I buy the National Enquirer I know I'm getting trash. But CNN promotes the news. I'm not so sure....

Remember Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw. It seemed back then people were reporting on the NEWS....Stories that were actually happening.

Now???? It seems like the news teams are trying to create news. First off and I know many of you wont like this....Michael Jackson's death was news...But it did not need 4 days of coverage.

After a night where a (National health insurance bill passes) good or bad what does CNN cover the next day..... Tiger Woods for hours......

Somewhere they must have made a deal with Cable and Satellite companies because I cant get maybe one or two other news channels.
What upsets me about this channel is people die in Iraq every day......Israel and Iran have issues going on which I can't seem to find any coverage on. And millions of people are still homeless and we have no clue what will go on with them any more in Haiti.

Why? Because CNN the most trusted news channel is to busy trying to find out more about Tiger and or cover racial remarks at Senate hearings (ie You LIE).....I truly believe they try and create news vrs cover it.

A PRIME EXAMPLE...I just remembered. John Edwards fathered a baby on the second side of his sisters aunts cousins brother....I mean who gives a rats ass.....

Help me OB1 kinobe....Bring back the news....Bring back Walter Cronkite......and if you cant do that bring back Tom Brokaw....At the very least someone tell me where I can get some real news and not speculation.......

The Black Widow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

IM ALWAYS RIGHT (The CoWorker from Hell)

When I write a story I always try to find a photo that goes with the story. The above photo is classic for my story today. Probably 90% of our life is spent at work. The other 10 is spent on family and paying bills. Its funny but everywhere you go there has always got to be a person who has to be right...Not just some of the time but all of the time.

I did a story a while ago in September (Eu Tu Brute/this boss was bad) about a boss who was always right. We got rid of him thank god. But when one bad person leaves never fear another one will step up to the plate. The above photo sums it up for me in that wherever you go in the professional world someone always wants to blame someone else for their mistakes. It's that type of person who does not focus on how to fix a system but focuses on covering their ass and how he can blame someone else for his mistakes.
Saturday Night Live had the best skit ever. George Steinbrenner hired Billy Martin to put away groceries. The people in the store did not like Billy Martin and wanted him to be fired. So they told George to fire him and George said why? I would have to fire him and train someone else. And then I would have to fire him and train another guy. The going joke was that indeed George Steinbrenner had hired and fired and rehired Billy Martin like 4 times.
The point of the story is your always going to have to deal with Jerks at work. Take the above picture and stick it in your cube. When you run into one (and you will know who he is).........put that photo on your wall and this guys name next to it. Then everyone who comes into your cube will know that "that guy" is a dum ass...
The Black Widow

Monday, March 15, 2010

why............... TOYOTA ...........Will Crash & Burn

I am not here to hack on Toyota but I am here like everyone else to tell you why I think they have the problems they do. See I dont know anything about cars but I do know about Quality. I have a been a Quality technician for two companies for my last 20 years in Manufacturing. The company I work for now is very small and needs to make money. Before my boss was fired they were willing to by pass the Quality and processes to increase output. What does that mean?
Say I'm going to paint a product with a paint I have never used before. I would pull the tech sheet and run sample parts to make sure the paint cured to the specification in the time allowed to bake. Now what I would find out is that in the cure cycle we could only paint so many parts. Otherwise the material sucked in too much heat and the parts could not get up to cure temp.
Now enter my old boss. While I'm running and figuring out the process he would come down on me and say "you have to get 50 parts through the system not 25". Even though that 25 is what is called out on the spec. And he would say if we can't get 50 "its your ass". So what that would mean is I had to put 50 though the system and pray they would meet spec and or turn a blind eye and hope my customers would not find any parts that did not meet spec.
Now think about TOYOTA. Here was a car company that was built on Quality. Or so it seemed at one time I always thought they had great cars and I always wanted one. But now I see them and I think forget it. Because of my past Quality history I believe they by passed by Quality procedures and forced workers to shoot for profit. It also fits my theory that companies who bypass Quality systems have a crap in and crap out model. When we got rid of my boss we got rid of that crap in crap out..... model. I see TOYOTA must still have their same boss. I look at those cars now and I think dam.... I'm glad I dont have one.......I am also thinking .........Let's Buy American.....
The Black Widow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cherish Your Children

Can anyone see a bottle in the background..? This area is becoming a favorite spot of mine in my back yard. It's where I take my son to shoot his BB gun. I've never seen a toy light up the eyes of a kid until I bought that for my boy. It would be like be getting a 35K dollar truck. Anway we go in this area every weekend / shoot his gun and talk. My son has anxiety and its a moment in every week when we talk and he really tells me what is going on/ what he likes at school/what he does not/ and why. My game plan for parenting has always been to come home from work and hang out with my kids. I get up at 5 am and my wife and I get an hour from 8-9 every night.

I know I bitch about working two jobs all the time but when my kids and I get to actually spend time together it makes it all worth the while. Maybe its because my 43rd birthday is coming up or maybe it's because the apple does not fall far from the tree. But lately I'm missing my kids allready because I know they will be gone in a short time to college. Ok their only seven but man time is flying.
I call my parents a few times a week now. But there was a time I did not have to much time for them. That I guess is what makes me nervous...that college time...
Anyway try and spend some time with your kids today and be happy. Life is very short and so is your time with your kids.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Solar Eclipse "The End Of The World"

The End of The World? mmmmm maybe not...but consider this. A few days ago I was watching one of my public television shows talking about ultra violet rays coming from the sun and pretty much frying all of our electicity and all our ways of communication. I thought about that and it would take a lot of gamma rays to make this happen.
However then I thought about this. A few years ago we had a major power outtage. This was across the United States and mostly in the bigger cities. What concerns me right now more than anything is some terrorist wakes up and takes a stab at our power system in the United States. I'ts pretty much like me in that the power grid is old and overworked.
Imagine you cant buy anything on credit because no ATMS work. You've run out of cash and now for some odd reason the banks wont distribute money.
I guess the point is I'm not worried about 2012 or about bionic sun rays coming from space. What I am concerned about are idiots with bombs and people actually trying to mess with our power grid....God forbid.
The Black Widow

Thursday, March 4, 2010

JFK ASSASINATION (The Second Spitter)

While there was nothing funny about the JFK assasination. There is something funny about the link below. Seinfeld did a skit on the second spitter (a spoof on the grassy nole). And next to the Soup Nazzi I thought it was his best work ever. This is totally my since of humor.

The Black Widow

The Ant & The Ardvark

This is not a story only a good laugh and comment. While my favorite all time cartoons are Bugs Bunny, Road Runner/Sylvestor and Tweety.......The Ant and the Ardvark come in a close second. The ant in my book was very similar to Tom and Jerry....One was always trying to outdo the other. But this Ardvark was funny....He had a lisp and nothing ever went right for the guy. I have not had time to look and see if google has any videos but if you get a chance I would suggest you check him out...
The Black Widow

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PAYING OFF YOUR CREDIT CARD? (here is something you should know)

Ok: I had some goals this year and I'm hitting them. One of my goals was paying off my credit card and this I thought was going to cost me a couple of grand. But what I did not know what is call Residual Interst. So basically I had a couple of grand on my card. But once the credit card received my payment they did two things. One is they took my payment and jacked my interest from 13 to like 29% interest. Now the original balance amount went up by like $45.00. Luckily for me a few days later I checked my account again. But how many people pay something off and think it is done?????? Ok $45.00 is nothing....But its insane when you look at how many people this is happening to.
Lets say there is a million people and 10% of them (100K) are going to pay off their cards. Now lets say they are all like me and get charged Residual Interst. So that is 100,000 x $45.00 = $4,500,000. That amount does not even include early pay off charges etc.
If I may say so this is FUCKIN....(re)diculous......And I thought the cable companies were bad.......Ok...I hate cable companies as well...
Anyway If you can do what I did and go to a community credit union / open an account and get a credit card with a lower interest. You'll still have the credit card bill but at least you can sleep at night knowing your credit union is not going to screw you like the big Credit Card Companies.
The Black Widow

How Time Flies (TO THE HUNT)

Above is an area where I hunt. You can barely see my parents farm in the background. Right in front of (where I was posted) is a little pond I was sitting at. That day I saw two doe come within 20 ft of me. No I did not shoot them and to be honest I dont care to shoot anything unless they are a huge buck.
The point of this story though is I work a lot and I don't get up North but twice a year if that. Every time I'm up there I snap a photo of my parents home. Then throughout the year when I'm homesick I look at the photos from time to time and wish I was there. I have started this new thing with my camera phone of just snapping pictures and I have a list of what I want to shoot when I'm North this year.
My kids are 7 now and it use to be a monthly thing going up to see my parents. But as you get older it's like you have more and more responsibility and less and less time to have fun. Your working and your kids are involved with this and that etc. Maybe in a world of extreme stress from working two jobs I find that there is some tranquility in my photo taking. I cant always be up North but at least by taking photos of it I can look at it and remember my fun times I had as a child and feel safe like when I did when I was home.
Now that I have kids I know how my parents feel that they dont see me. The real problem I'm having lately is I'm already missing my kids and they are not even gone yet.
The Black Widow

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jim Bunning

Ok: So Jim goes no National television and complains cause he has to work instead of going to a national basketball game.

Then he does not renew benefits because he wants congress to come up with billions that are actually in the budget?

Jim: Wake up and smell the roses....for the last several years we have been spending money in IRAQ and every other place on the planet....Where were you then? I think the number is in the Trillions.....Can you shut that money off too please?

Um oh yea now that you just put thousands of workers on the street becuase your afraid of spending a mere 10 billion.....PLEASE Get a clue and get a different job....

The Black Widow

In Wisconsin Christmas Lasts Forever

As I get older Im amazed at how winter seems to grab me and drag me down. Dont get me wrong we love christmas and kids enjoy it. However come about this time every year (February) I am totally sick of winter. Working two jobs takes a tole on you but so does the cold. I can take the snow any day but getting up at 5 a.m. and dealing with the cold eats and eats and eats away at my attitude. Its like you cant step outside without things freezing off your body and the feel of chill in your bones.

I use to be able to get up and run out of the house with just a jacket even at 40 below. Now I can barely move with all the clothes I wear. My latest joke with myself is I should get dressed before bed with what I'm going to wear outside the next morning (coat /boots etc). That way I can just walk out the door. I gave up on this notion since no matter what I do I still freeze my ass off.

It finally dawned on me this year that the reall issue is the SUN. Sometimes in Wisconsin I may as well be in Siberia because we never see the sun. I'm beginning to feel this is having an adverse effect on my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Ever see the movies where it's like 50 below and they are flying into Alaska like a real no mans land? That is what I feel like in February...Like we are stranded on a planet and we can't get out....
I gave up hope on the spring coming any time soon. Now in my 40's I just plan on Winter being done in May (and late May at that).
So come visit us soon in Wisconsin. For six months we have 3 beautiful seasons..........And then for six months we have Winter........

The Black Widow


Today I want to discuss the recent killing of a girl at (that zoo world we will call it). But first lets look at some important statistics then I will get to my point.
Bradley my little shitzu on the left weighs about 21#. He only has his two front bottom teeth and when he bites you its more like a nibble....You can play with him and the worst that will happen is you will get a scratch and you will need a band aid.

Now the Great White Shark goes about 5000# and when he is hungry he is going to eat. Most people do swim with sharks in public pools or zoos but many do out in the wild. They throw out fish etc to attract the sharks and that's all fine and dandy your in a cage. I would not recommend however drowning yourself in pig fat and then swimming with Sharks....Quite frankly they scare me and have been around for Millions of years.

Now::::::Let's talk about the Killer Whale. From the moment I saw my first one I thought they looked very powerful. It turns out I have heard rumors of them killing Great Whites and other sharks. These things can get up to 6 tons or about 12,000 pounds. They have been known to come in off the shore about 15 yards to grab a seal and then get back into the ocean. They are extremely intelligent. As I call them they are "Thinkers"......I'm a thinker...and if I sat in a bathtub for 72 hours I'm sure I would want to play with something because I would be totally bored.

So if you breed the Killer Whale in a pen that does not mean they are going to be stupid and not be able to think. Quite frankly I believe the animals are bored and its my personal wish they would not be bred in captivity. A shitzu is different you can take him outside play with him, take him for a ride in a car. But a 12,000# animal you cannot move around very often.
So the moral of this story is in Black Widow Land (my blog world) I stop exploiting them and not do any more shows. The biggest moral of this story however is if you are a trainer and your working with this animal....It's like parachuting.....You do to many jumps and sooner or later your time is up. I think some of the trainers have to realize they are playing with fire????????
On the other hand and I think this is only my view point. The killer whale who killed that girl may have killed others. Should it not be a responsibility of this company to retire that animal from shows? Is there no legal aspect that the families of these victims can go after these companies with?
It's my opinion we should not breed Killer Whales in captivity.
The Black Widow

Monday, March 1, 2010


My daughter is now 7 and loves pink. So about a week ago now her mom redid her room (see above) My daughter has a twin brother and he has a hunting room since he is into guns and swords and totally opposite of his sister. When I look at this room I see my daughter right away. She is sweet/ kind and gentle but there is always that color "pink". From the moment they were born / what seems like yesterday it has been totally precious watching the differences in personality. I can remember 7 years ago when I cut their cords / my first thought is what will their personalities be like?

Every day with my kids I watch their faces and expressions. I cherrish every moment because now I know how time can fly by so quickly. I know there are people who would just as soon dump their kids in school and have nothing to do with them. I am not one of those parents and I love spending time with each of them every day. It may sound silly but I know the next 10 years is going to go by faster than the first 7.

I guess there is two morals to this story. One is I will never forget how she just loves pink. Two is whenever she moves out I'm going to cry like a baby.... I hate getting old.....

The Black Widow

Wants Vrs Needs

My Techy side is really buggin me today...Ok Wants Vrs. Needs.... I dont need the G650 leer jet that is coming out....But I want it.........The plane is being built by General Dynamics and is coming out for sale for a mere 59 million.

Now my pontiac vibe gets 38 miles to the gallon but it would take more than 6 hours to go from New York to California. And my pontiac vibe cannot take me to Russia and or India on the same tank of fuel as can the G650.

So you see I really dont need the new plane......But I want it for two reasons. #1 because I cant have it but now #2 since I read the story about how fast and far it will fly"I want it"....

In my mind I have to ask myself how much money do you have to make to be able to buy an aircraft like this? I make about 70K a year and my vibe cost about 12K so figure to be proportunate in the finacing world you may want to be a billionaire to buy this aircraft. I know what it's like to walk into a car dealership one day and say yea....I'll take that pontiac vibe. But what does it feel like to walk into a Leer Jet company and say......ahhhhhhhhhhh yea I suppose I'll take the G650......

Can you imagine the power these people have with this type of money? The ability to go anwhere in the world on a moments notice? In a time of people without homes or jobs I wish people who had money like this would donate more money to charity and the needy.

There is truly a disconnect with people who do not have....and those that do.

The Black Widow

Long Live The TRS-80

I grew up in the 80's and one thing I will never forget is the TRS-80. This was the biggest piece of shit known to man kind as far as I am concerned but it totally charged my imagination. Before I got to a computer class I had never seen a computer nor had I any idea of how to run one. Anway the TRS-80 sparked my imagination and it was a tool I will never forget. I spent a semester working with upper classman programming programs and getting graded on how well I did. Most of the semester I worked with a guy I called Dan O. He was really nice to me and turns out he ended up going to Harvard. After about 30 years now I have spoken with him via facebook and we laugh about this computer. You actually had to insert a tape to save your data. I would love to get my hands on this machine and look at it again. Now I look at it and think about the concept/ I think Apple came out shortly after.

I want my kids to learn on the computer at school and be part of today's technology. I tell them you dont have to get everything right you just need to learn for things for yourself. And if your a C student so be it as long as you learn for yourself. The point is I dont know if they teach kids anymore in the high school level to program on a computer. I'ts not a matter of what you program works for ever its a matter of weather or not you can learn something new. Throughout most kids lives there is always a moment I think when they realize I'm either going to work at school or I'm just going to party my way thought it. For me I finally started working at it once I knew I (a farm boy) could actually learn and program a computer. I guess after thinking about it I was never given a lot of self asurrance and that is something I feed my kids every day.

Long Live The TRS-80

The Black Widow